Montelle Winery Glass | Augusta, Missouri

What’s not to love about a sunny day, wine and good music?  Nothing I say and that was exactly how I felt last Saturday when I went for a visit to the Montelle Winery in Augusta, Missouri to see the Sean Holland Band.

I was going to see a friend that I have known since the Fresh Prince still ruled Bel Air and it was all about a Different World.  We came up together and from the moment I met him he was always singing.  It is such a joy to see him doing his thing now and doing well and in such a beautiful setting.

Sean Holland Band | C. Jay Conrad

Now while I’m not a newbie to wine or wineries, for that matter, I was a newbie to Montelle and the Augusta, Mo area.  That being said I will definitely be back again.

Montelle Winery | Augusta, Mo | Landscape

The landscaping was absolutely wonderful and the wine that I tried was quite nice.  I’m not a huge wine drinker and I generally tend to stick to the sweeter wines but they had two that I would highly recommend; the Himmelswein and the Red Raspberry.  Both had a lightness to them while still having enough flavor and substance to hold their own.  Add in the simple pairing of their flat bread pizza and it was worth the drive and I haven’t even gotten to the music.

Sean Holland and his band showed up to do the dang thang.  They were rocking from moment one and they didn’t stop all afternoon.  The guitar player had those strings smokin so much we were wondering if he was going to start a fire and somehow they still managed a TED talk about dancing in the mix.

Sean Holland Band | Montelle Winery

The set list included everything from some classic Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire to current chart toppers like Buno Mars.  They had just about everyone out there seat on 24K Magic and didn’t let them sit back down.

Sean Holland Band | Augusta, Mo

Sean Holland Band | Montelle Winery | Drummer

Keyboard | Sean Holland Band

C. Jay Conrad | Sean Holland Band

My suggestion is that if you get the chance by all means visit the Montelle Winery.  As a bonus, if you happen to be free on July 22nd the Sean Holland Band will be back and if I had to guess going just as strong as they did last week.  Trust me you will dance, shout and shake it down to the ground.