If you know me then you know I love movies.  I absolutely, without a doubt, no questions asked love movies.  There might even be one playing as I write this.  There isn’t really but it might be on pause.  The point is that me and movies; we’re close.

So when I get a call to do an engagement session and the bride-to-be says that movies are their thing also…let’s just say there may have been a happy dance.

This wasn’t the first time Kourtney had been in front of my camera, we had done a model session a little while ago, but it was my first time meeting Kevin and let me tell you this guy is hilarious.  I think I was laughing from the moment they got out the car and I’m not really sure that I ever stopped.

It’s so easy to see that together they are a great complement.  Sure she seems a little quieter or more reserved and he completely outgoing but as you sit with them you see that they are more on the same playing field than you might have originally thought.

I’m still not one hundred percent sure how we ended up moving part of the session to Fitz’s Restaurant but somehow we did.  When I mentioned that I had never had one of their famous root beer floats Kevin swore that I had to have one and next think I knew it was sitting before me.

With such a beautiful beginning I am sure that they will have a long future ahead of them filled with laughter and a few root beer floats.