This is Exactly What We Have Been Wanting...

How is it That Time Again

The leaves start to changing and before you know it you are Christmas shopping and bringing in a New Year.  This time is one of my favorites because I love the apple picking and the spiced warm drinks even if it still warm enough for iced tea.  

It is also one of the best times to do portraits.  With all the lovely backgrounds, each picture is sure to be amazing.

More Than a Quick Picture

In this cell phone age we have gotten use to taking a quick pic with our camera phones and moving on but there is so much more to a portrait.  A portrait doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of your camera phone or deleted if it falls in water.  It stays with you for a lifetime.  A portrait speaks of emotion and individuality.  It evokes memories of days and events gone by.  It is a keepsake; a memento, and a treasure.  Portraits are art hung in your home and proudly displayed for all to see. 

I Am So That Girl

You know the one that wants to photograph everything.  The girl that use to sitting around looking at all the albums when she was a kid just to see the faces and the changes from year to year.  I’m the one that wants to find a fun place and just let you be because you know how to have fun and that’s what a portrait session should be; FUN!  I’m the one with the camera but your are the one with the vision. Whether a new wall portrait or holiday cards for the fam, together we can rock this out.

Fall Specials

Digital Package

1 Hour Session   +   3 Digital Images


Digital + Cards

1 Hour Session  +  3 Digital Images  +  25 Holiday Cards


Absolutely we don't want to miss this special...

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