I have to start this by saying that this is not a political or social commentary post but just a look into how the political and social climate is speaking to my business.

I like what I do and I’m very proud to do it.  I believe that everyone should have portraits of themselves and their family and I absolutely love a good, heart-felt smile.  One of my favorite things to do is share with others what I am doing but where I use to always say “I’m going to shoot Sally today” now I feel that I have to rethink that word.

It’s funny that when I was looking up an image to go with today’s post (I didn’t really want to use one of mine) and I typed in “shooting” the most popular images that came up where cameras, portraits, and stars.  Yet if you tell someone you are “shooting a school” their first thought is “OMG no”.  It is sad that this is the times we live in.

I have no idea how to fix what has been broken since before I was born and realistically since before we knew it was a problem.  That is the main reason this isn’t a political post.  If I had an idea I would be screaming it from every rooftop in the world.

With all that has happened over the last few months and especially the last few days I have decided that “shooting” can no longer be the way that I describe what I do.  I realize it is a little thing and in no way touches on what is going on in our world but it is something that is touching me.

My heart goes out to those that have lost someone to the violence and ignorance that seems to be so strong lately.  We have to learn from the past in order to save the future but until we understand fully the mistakes of the past how can we learn?

As I said I have so solution but I believe in the power of love, faith, and prayer, and I pray that we all learn to be more accepting of the differences that make us each individual, special, and most of all beautiful.