Blogging Voice | TLR Photography

I’m not sure most of you know that I started out as a journalist.  I had dreams of writing for a major magazine and living the semi Sex in the City life.  I saw myself in front of laptops and in coffee shops writing the next great article that touched peoples hearts and shaped their world outlooks.  I still see a part of that in what I do now; touching peoples hearts.  I’m just doing it without the Manolo Blahnik.

This is why sometimes it’s so hard for me to understand why blogging feels like a challenge.  Do I really need the coffee shop and the high priced footwear?  Maybe it is the switching up of the type of writing.  Whatever it is, it can be quite annoying.  Especially when you have so many people telling you that to blog really well you need to find your voice so you can “speak” to your “ideal” client.  While that sounds all well and good, how do you translate who you are into 500 words or less to speak to an ideal person?  I have absolutely no idea.  So I’ve decided not to try; at least not to try that way.

Truth is that I’m a crazy mash up of communication nuances.  I tend to speak in movie quotes and the occasional Buffy the Vampire Slayer speak.  I love using big words cause I think they make me sound smart and it’s even better when I know what they mean.  There are so many times I get to the end of a sentence and have to ask those around me did it make sense cause in my head I sound ridiculously brilliant.  I could keep going but you only have so much time.

I love travel and food, movies and gourmet popcorn.  I am obsessed with tea and all things planner related.  I live off Netflix and my Roku and if I could only eat one thing forever it would have to be pasta.  At times I’m slightly goofy and if I can fit a good laugh in then I will.  I can’t tell a great joke to save my life but somehow I am still insanely funny.  I’m random and quirky and uniquely me.  Which I think is all any of us can say about ourselves.

So that is what my blog will be; random and quirky and uniquely me.  I’m going to talk about photography and traveling and food and movies, but mostly photography since I’m a photographer and that’s what you came to see.  At times you might find yourself cracking up (hopefully) and at others you might be like “this girl is nuts” (and that’s okay to).

Whichever side you land on I hope that you stick it out and enjoy the ride.