Mood Board | TLR Photography | Posh Creative

Have you ever loved something but it just didn’t sit quite right with you?  Like it was good but it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind yet you’re alright with it because it works.  That has been me with the look of my photography business.  I like it but it’s never completely felt like the exact idea I had in my head when I first thought of my look.

That is why when the lovely and oh so talented Miranda Myles Jackson from Posh Creative  and I met about re-branding my business I jumped for joy at the way we were vibing.  It was like she was the sauce to my spaghetti or the butta to my mashed potatoes.  She just completely got me.

I carried that feeling all the way until she sent me this mood board.  Full disclosure, I did have to look up a mood board to really understand what I was looking at and once I did I was thrown for a loop.  I kept trying to understand how my portraits that I was taking might match up with the ones that she had pulled.  It didn’t make sense to me.

We jumped on a Google hangout and I still didn’t get it.  Matter of fact it wasn’t until days later, a talk with her husband, and more research on mood boards that I finally got what I was looking at.  In all fairness, there are still times I’m not sure but that is neither here nor there.  As I told her when we were talking, as long as she gets it and can explain it to me in a way that I get that she gets it then we’re cool.

But I wanted to share it as a start to this new blog and this new site to let you know that things are changing around here.  That doesn’t mean that you might not see a little bit of the old from time to time.  It simply means that we are growing and maturing and getting all kinds of creative with it and I thought you might like to come along for the ride.