I swear that someone is trying their best to make fun of me.  My family swears that I am causing it all by myself.  Whichever one is right doesn’t seem to matter.  For some reason I can’t seem to get to a Hot Air Balloon Fest where they have a balloon glow and a balloon race at the same fest.  Either the weather is great for the glow and bad for the race or vice versa.  No matter what I just can’t seem to get them on in one weekend.  I have even tried coming home overnight and planning on going back the next day and still one or the other is cancelled.  It’s become a little of a joke to those around me but I tell you I am not laughing one little bit.

The streak continued when we ventured to Centralia’s IL Balloon Fest this past weekend.  We got there just in time to see the balloons take off (I had already thought we had missed it) but as I was in the middle of taking a picture they announced that the glow would be cancelled.  Yep I had struck again.  It was suppose to be because of rain but I think I only felt one drop all night long so really it was just because I was there.

The loss of the balloon glow not withstanding, I did have so much fun capturing the balloons as the took to the sky.  It has bee quite some time since I have been able to get more than one, maybe two, balloons in the air at one time but Centralia gave me a few great opportunities to really let loose.  Sure there were a crazy number of trees in the way but it was in a park after all.  It’s not like I could ask the trees to move over some.  If anything I really think the trees add a little something to the view.

There are a few more fest coming up this year and maybe since I can only go to one or the other they have a fighting change of getting both a glow and a race in but I’m coming for it in 2018 and let me tell you there will be glows and races a plenty.  I am claiming it right now and I can’t wait to see what I am able to see.