Your Photographer

Have you ever met someone and immediately thought “Yep, we are so going to be friends.”?  Me too.  Now I’m not saying that once we met you are going to have this overwhelming desire for me to be your new best friend but I like to think that there is going to be a connection.

So let’s talk stats (basically so we can get the normal stuff out of the way).  I’ve been a photographer for pretty much most of my life.  I second shot my first wedding back in high school but that doesn’t mean I took the straight path to get here.  There were other jobs along the way but I never put down my camera.  Eventually I realized that photography was what I really wanted to do.

Recently someone asked me why photography and my answer was because when I pick up a camera I turn into America’s next top comic and even through I know I can’t tell a joke to save my life I seem to make people laugh.  Now who doesn’t love happy people?

As with most things there is more to the story and I would love to meet with you and get this friendship going.


12 Fun Facts about Me:

  1. If you want to talk movies I’m your girl.
  2. I’ve recently become a tea snob and I’m completely okay with that.
  3. Popcorn is a basic food group to me and an absolute must have!
  4. Baking is my stress release.
  5. Yes I own my own karaoke machine and I just may dance around my house while belting out top 40 hits.
  6. The new adult coloring fad has totally brought my childhood back to me and I love it!
  7. I am completely obsessed with the tiny house movement except for those composting toilets.
  8. I really want to photograph a couple at the top of a Ferris wheel even through I am ridiculously afraid of heights.
  9. If given a chance I can totally speak in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  10. My television lives on Netflix, YouTube, and the Hallmark channel.
  11. Have luggage; will travel!
  12. If you cry, I cry…it’s as simple as that.